How to Use

Now has been public for 24 hours and we are more than happy with respons and feedback from our first BeatViewers.

Got some feedback – how to use

It is really easy, just go to – scroll down to find the videochart / videoplaylist you want to play and watch. You can also use our menu in the top of the site (in the top to the right where you can go to playlist or artist). Klick on the playlist you want to see! If you want to see the artist in playlist, just klick on playlist or the image and you will see artist in playlist, scroll up or down to see more. When finding you favourite artist – klick on it and the song / video will appear in the player.

Right now we have over 60 update videoplaylist with the latest and the best Music right now!

Still not sure how to use – please see our Video on youtube or below.

Hope you all having a really good time using – explore new Music and Artist (and its all free)!

Don´forget to share BeatViewer with Friends and Family – enjoy!

You never to old to listen to good musicYou never to old to listen to good music

You never to old to listen to good music


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